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Harness subtle energy of bio-electro-magnetism to develop the harmony between body and mind to improve and sustain overall health...



The benefits of bio-photonic radiation has been proven over the past few decades. No matter if you are eighteen or eighty, the potential ...

Athletic Performance


Whether in professional or amateur sports, or even just personal fitness, the importance of proper conditioning can not be emphasized enough...


BioCharger Features/Benefits

The Biocharger has the Widest Frequency Spectrum Any Machine
…To give ALL your cells and tissues the broadest range of frequencies for proper resonance in various tissues and cells

The Biocharger is the Strongest device available
… To maximally charge and energize the cells AND selectively inactivate and kill pathogens.

The Biocharger uses 12 unique gas tubes
...which radiate and stimulate biophoton energy within the body.

The Biocharger is has a new pulsed function with Brain State and Earth frequencies
… To yield a richer and safer spectrum of frequencies and harmonics that are natural and usuable by the brain and body.

The Biocharger is the a superb air ionizer and ozone generator
… Which helps Flood the body with anti-oxidant electrons, and disinfecting healthy levels of ozone (it also purifies the air).

The energy from the Biocharger increases Cellular Voltage
… which helps to energize the cells with improved ion transport, oxygenation, circulation and ATP production.

In Summary, the NEW 2012 Biocharger is the strongest, most effective and therapeutic electrotherapy device available today
...Which helps improves your health, wellness and athletic performance through multiple synergistic means.

(Make Sure to Download our FREE Special Report to Learn More on How the Biocharger Supercharges your health).

Quality Control/Safety

Rigorous QA/QC testing to ensure superior product performance and reliability

Enclosure rated for momentary temperatures limits of up to +392ºF (200ºC)

Temperature resistance -58ºF to +302ºF (-50ºC to +150ºC)

Internal three-point closing system with one-point, key-locked entry

UL listed and CSA certified enclosure cabinet.

Technical Specs

Frequency Range: ELF - 300 Ghz

Voltage Range: 30,000 to 1,000,000 Volts

Pulse Modulation: YES - 3 Hz, 7.8 hz, 15 Hz

Adjustable Spark Gap/Voltage: Yes

Gases Used: Argon, Neon ,Helium,Kryton,Water Vapor,Air Vapor, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Sulfur, Mercury (for UVC)

Rodin Coil: Yes

Price: $10,800

Warranty: 2 year

Recalibration Needed: No

Dimensions and Weight: Dimensions: (30” X 17” X 16½”); 40-lbs. weight; 55-lbs. shipping weight

Support: Excellent (Original Inventor will Guide You)

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