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Harnesses subtle energies to develop the harmony between body and mind and sustain overall health...



Research has shown that no matter if you are eighteen or eighty, the potential ...

Athletic Performance


Whether in professional or amateur sports, or even just personal fitness, the importance of proper conditioning can not be emphasized enough...


The convergence of legacy technologies and the digital age...... BioCharger NG

Extensive research, customer feedback and input from expert advisers were the genesis of the BioCharger NG revitalization platform. Despite the proven success of the original BioCharger, the development team opted to start with a clean slate and have truly reinvented the way subtle energies are generated, controlled and transferred.

The BioCharger NG provides the widest frequency spectrum of any multi-wave oscillators, Rife machines, or revitalization platforms currently available.

The BioCharger NG provides integrated hardware and software to accurately control voltage output, waveform and harmonics ensuring safety, accuracy, and repeatability.

The BioCharger NC provides a visible light component through energizing a unique combination of noble and inert gases which radiate photonic energy.

The BioCharger offers the flexibility of running standard, user-defined, or community inspired programs called "recipes" to control duration frequencies, duty cycles, wave forms, sweep functions and ranges.

The BioCharger NG provides a safe and consistent means of generating a dual purpose corona discharge. Studies indicate that in addition to air ionization. The high voltage discharge can wirelessly stimulate revitalization.

The BioCharger NG revitalization platform is designed to leverage Cloud and Mobile based technologies and software for control, downloading recipes, analytics, reporting, and social networking with others that use the system to inspire future developments.

The benefits of the BioCharger NG eclipses the existing technologies much like your smart phone compares to the wired dial phones of the 60's. Sure there's some great legacy technology at the foundation, but that's just scratching the surface of what's possible.

Quality Control/Safety

Rigorous QA/QC testing to ensure superior product performance and reliability

Designed and manufactured in compliance with electronics industry standards

Design Criteria- safety, ease of use, reliability, software based, connectivity, ergonomic

Completely modular design using solid state components provides for remote diagnostics, hardware/software failure detection and easy serviceability


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